Monday, August 6, 2007

The Dreamers...something to dream about

The Dreamers - Bernardo Bertolucci - 2003 - 9/10


Matthew (Michael Pitt) is an American who finds himself in Paris in 1968. Despite the tumultous political landscape, Matthrew is absorbed in his studies and his intense love for the cinema. That is, until he meets Isabelle (Eva Green) at a rally and she insists he come with her and her brother Theo (Louis Garrel) to escape the Paris mob. Matthew goes with them and his life changes forever. Completely swept away and falling deeper into Isabelle, the siblings insist Matthew stay with them when their parents leave the country. The three become inseperable, sharing their love for movies and relishing their discussions on everything from movie directors to politics. But when Matthew starts looking through looking through closed doors, and Louis and Isabelle push Matthew's desire for Isabelle too far, Mathew has to deal with conflicts of love, jealousy, and friendship - then mix in some rebellious Frenchpeople and movie trivia and you have The Dreamers.


I'd heard about this movie a long time ago when one of my friends blurted out that Eva Green had a nude scene in The Dreamers. And does she have a nude scene. In my defense - I watched the movie because it came highly recommended, not for the nudity - but once the nudity came, it was hard to think about much else. Once the movie crosses that threshold, it refuses to go back - when do they actually wear clothes? It took me a long time after watching the movie to realy appreciate how good this movie was - beyond its soft core nature featuring the Bond girl my friends would not stop raving about. One thing that stands out is how Betolucci integrates scenes from famous movies when the characters are talking about those scenes. Along with how the movie is shot, this splicing of classics gives the movie a surrealistic power that makes the movie memorable. Then you can talk about the powerful performances of the three actors. Michael Pitt is amazing as Mathew - his shattered innocence and clear cut principles of love, friendship, family and right and wrong are right on. Eva Green's confused carelessness - with her body and mond is equally great. Louis Garrel's Theo probably gets forgotten among American audiences who relate to Matthew, are attracted to Isabelle, and are repulsed by Theo - but that doesn't change the fact that Garrel is great. The movie is a deep look at not just leaving behind your innocence - but also an intense look at sexuality and the bonds of friendship. There isn't much else for me to rant about this movie - the only thing that prevented this movie from being a perfect ten is that the movie forgot to develop a linnear plot. But that's not really the movie's fault - it was a snapshot of life. And life, does not always have a straight path for us to follow.


Rent this one ASAP.

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