Friday, November 30, 2007

This is the End

I was sitting on the bus today. I was surrounded by college students hunched over in their seats, their eyes glowing in the blue light inches from their faces, fingers rapdily punching in letters in their cell phone. Texting! I thought bird flu was bad.

It's one thing to walk around, constantly talking on your cell, but it is another to be launching text after text to all your friends. or *gasp* mass texting. Phone conversations at least include the exchange of oral communication, almost like actual interaction. But one of my friend's sisters accurately described her love of texting by saying, "it's like, communication without acitonal social interaction!"

And all the old people complain about the death of culture and ask why people don't talk anymore. The answer? Because they have nothing to say. By the time you're actually in the same room with your friends, they already know all about what has happened to you, because every waking moment, you are punching away at your cell key pad, sending them a text about what happened.

Furthermore, texting cemented "aim speak" into people's lexicon. I wouldn't be surprised if the new generation stats abreviating their words for everything. "Why not? We do it on the cell," they will say. Young inexperienced teacher familiar with texting quickly crumbles, unable to find an answer that will satisfy her own laziness to abbreviate everything.

Perhaps this is an overreaction (it is - for sure), but it could also be serious. Maybe.

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