Saturday, December 1, 2007

Obama deserves one thing

I was never THAT big of an Obama fan and thought he was barely tolerable until I saw the Obama Girl Music Video that made me smile (and she was really hot). Beyond that I am mostly annoyed by him ruining what would be a good candidacy in eight years by running now. Sure you had so much buzz, but you have never:

(1) won reelection, proving that you were not in fact a fad, but that you had the ability to win over the public and stand up to a real campaign, and even a real candidate (most people don't realize that alan keyes, a transplant from new england, still managed to win over 30% of the vote).

(2) written/proposed legislation, does he even know how the political system works? can he use it? how is he supposed to run it? all his amazing new ideas won't mean shit if he can't get them through congress and use some real politik to influence senators and get some hard votes.

(3) had ANY exeuctive experience, I mean, he has never really even run an office, or any organization, and certainly not in the political realm. our past few presidents - Clinton and Bush both had exeuctive experience from being governors. When it comes down to it, Obama doesn't really have ANY experience generally because he has only been in Washington for 2 years.

So what does he deserve? He deserves to get stomped AND not be chosen as a VP candidate. He should not be rewarded for jumping the gun and letting his political desires get ahead of him.

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