Sunday, December 23, 2007

I think I'm in Love

Over this summer one of my new friends introduced me into some great new music - and I listened to a lot of that biz and didn't really realize what I was getting myself into - indie pop. I kind of let that simmer for awhile - wearing out those copied CD's, listening to them over and over and then I started reading up on those bands, checking out some of their other stuff on the new internet radio (youtube - duh!) as well as taking full advantage of the 30 second Amazon clip feature and this led to me buying a bunch more CD's - mostly European pop acts that weren't quite the same as those original indie pop CD's that had quickly become near and dear to my heart.

Then I saw Juno. First, I have got to say that I was way early on the Kimya Dawson train before the flick (my summer friend turned me onto her about three months ago, so not THAT early I guess). And I just had to find out more about her. She seems totally chill - found out she's friends with one of my favorite acts from junior high (Third Eye Blind - singing on some of their songs and appearing in some of their music videos - btw - where have they gone?). I also found out she was in The Moldy Peaches. Calm down if you're the one person who visits the site and if being that one person, you're also into indie pop and you knew that - of course, you say. So I listened to them some on youtube and then started listening to Adam Green's stuff - which is a lot more radio friendly and accessible than Kimya's stuff and also checked out some of the other groups on the Juno soundtrack (so it did influence me a little) and did some we browsing and found plan-it-x records.

Anyway. What I'm trying to say is that I really love that stuff, and it's kinda changed me. Well. Definitely the music I listen to.

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