Friday, December 7, 2007

What the hell

I was really hoping to see Juno and Atonement sometime over winter break. BUT...none of those movies are showing anywhere near me.

So now I am totally bummed about it. Those movies looked amazing and will probably be dark horse Oscar candidates for best picture, while Juno will most likely win original screenplay. Then you chalk up all the other anticipatory factors: Michael Cera, Keira Knightley...

I am kind of surprised that Juno's release is SOO limited considering the trailer aired in front of some major movies, AND has seemingly had lots of promotion (for an indie), and it seems like it has some serious commercial upside as Cera is pretty big now after Superbad and Keira has emerged as a strong, commercial, leading actor. Instead, the movies that are showing in town: Awake, Dan in Real Life, Enchanted, The Golden Compass.In the surrounding area there are just a bunch of mediocre movies, or good movies I saw a month ago.

While I wrote about Enchanted on on my other blog, SaltyStix, I'm just not that motivated to see it anymore now that I really want to see Juno and Atonement. I do want to see The Golden Compass thought, and probably will, but it just isn't the same.

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