Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Back in Black

Over the weekend I saw a DVD of some of AC/DC's live shows. Man, they were good. Real good. Not just musically - they all can really do their shit - but also the show they put on. And they are fun to watch - Angus is going crazy in his school uniform and Brian Johnson is strutting around in his beret and the music is Rocking.

So I thought to myself. WHERE IS AC/DC? A band that was known for its incessant touring...why aren't they cashing in on the vibe they generated in the last two or three years as their playback on Classic Rock stations earned them a new generation of fans. They BELONG in front of modern audiences.

Groups like Jet are really just broke-ass versions of AC/DC - selling reccords off of basically recycled AC/DC rifts. AC/DC deserves a little love.

And then when it comes down to it, I think I deserve a little AC/DC love. I'm tired of paying sixty bucks to see these modern radio sensations try to play their drivel through shoddy speakers and the group knows little or nothing about sound - and the result is that you paid sixty bucks to watch some young punks stand there and pump out noise you can barily hear. And they don't have any songs that are even close to AC/DC's hits - or AC/DC's filler, and even if you don't like the AC/DC song, the show they put on is going to be a hell of a lot better.

So AC/DC, please come back.

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