Wednesday, May 30, 2007

REVIEW: Entourage, Season 2

Entourage - Doug Ellin - 2005 - 8/10


The boys breeze back into LA after shooting Queens Blvd and they want to hit the ground running, and they're pushing for "Medellin," the Pablo Escobar story. Ari doesnt think so and tries to tell the guys that without Warner's "Aquaman" push, Vince could be stuck doing Mary Kate and Ashley movies. Eric is officially Vince's manager now and Turtle is officially the manager of the house. Not wanting to be left behind, Drama tries to blow some steam into his stagnant career, aided by his agent Adam Davies. The boys have to deal with money crunches, fight the temptation of a next door harem, stray into advertising, hit sundance and more. Throw in a famous pop star playing herself trying to steal Vince's heart, a big movie in danger, a Bar Mitzvah, a Comic-Con, a stolen car and possibly a new career for Turtle. Basically, season 1 got the ball rolling on Vince's career and in season 2, Eric and Ari try to keep the ball rolling, albeit in different directions at times and Turtle and Drama are along for the ride, as usual. Ari also has a new assistant after Emily left, post-Eric, and his name is Lloyd, a nice, gay-Asian man who Ari loves to insult.


There are more episodes. And I love more episodes. But at the same time, there is more fluff, more meandering that has little to do with the trajectory of the show introduced in the first season and continued in the first few episodes. Some of this fluff I chalk up to the show showing the boys "living the life," but at some point, I gotta start taking some points off. What's worse is the show seemingly goes back-to-back-to-back episodes of fluff where you're left wondering what is going on with the stuff that matters. At the same time the show thrives on innovative plot lines (I especially liked the ones that were actually relevant to the plot points). Vince has a relationship for once and you see him in a different way - showing that Vince can play self centered and selfish in a different way. Not to be left out, Eric has a new confidence (after a few episodes) that makes his interactions with Ari funnier than before. The addition of Lloyd is great too - his personality and acting is much better than the character of Emily and the humor he brings is far away a solid addition. At the same time the character growth of Turtle and Drama actually disappoints me. As the show is established, Turtle is a near incompetent wastrel who you love for his heart and kindness while the addition of the Saigon plot line begins to change the former and his comic factor drops like a rock. Drama as well is situated as a has been actor who's whining and audition miscues as well as his temper after failure are supposed to make us laugh, but when he quits moping and starts auditioning, he isn't so funny anymore. Luckily the writing, for the most part, stays strong and the situations the guys are in are still funny and cool, and that alone can keep the show going - even if Drama is playing straight up, the idea that he was up for CSI: Minneosota is pretty funny in itself.


Just buy it, no questions asked.

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