Sunday, May 20, 2007

First rant...chic movies

I just got finished watching "She's the Man" and after thinking it over for awhile, I realized the movie was actually pretty good. It would have been a hell of a whole lot better if it hadn't been trapped in the box/lines of Disney movies. If you think about it, there arent really any movies that are rated R that are really "for girls".

Guys get trash like American Pie and all that that are thin on pretty much everything and then just chock full of sexuality and nudity. I'm not saying the answer is to follow that formula and give us a chick flick full of full frontal male nudity. But there has to be some way.

I'll admit, that the reason there arent many R-rated girl movies is because the large female audience is mostly little girls who watch the Disney channel, hence all the movies are the same. But there has to be some sort of middle ground.

What I want to see is "She's the Man" with real teeth. For instance, the movie is a pretty thinly veiled female version of "Sorority Boys." And that movie was better not just because of the nudity, or the Elizabeth Banks' shower scenes (those did help) but because the movie could take off the kiddie gloves and make some real jokes. Most of the time the jokes were pretty lame flatuence or homosexual jokes but just every once in awhile there was a pretty humorous joke that didnt have to be falsely executed in kiddie speak.

I know this seems to be a pointless rant, but when you really think about it, most of these movies have decent unknown actors and actresses - much better than the unknowns that the American Pie style movies draw in. So these movies have the tools to be decent movies. They have SOME hope. We just need to help them along a little.

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