Thursday, May 31, 2007


Bear with me here, I'm kind of just thinking aloud. So Kobe demands a trade. Says he would have signed with the Clippers, or the BULLS three years ago if he had known the Lakers were going to SUCK at rebuilding.

First things first, if Kobe ever wants to be his own player, carve his own mold besides being labeled "the next Michael Jordan," perhaps he should avoid one more similarity and not catch the L to Chicago. Seems like Phil would have a tough time dodging that question at the next news conference. But, if Kobe can take the comparison in stride to move toward a championship, then more power to him.

Now, the mechanics. One of the guards has to go...say...the shooting guard! Shocking, I know. Hey, what to you know, the Bull's shooting guard has a lot of value - Ben Gordon. The Bulls should package him up with someone else (maybe Duhon, as LA seems to want to ditch Smush) and some other piece (perhaps PJ Brown could be sold as the perfect mentor for Bynum). Realistically, the Bulls shouldnt have to give much more - with this recent fiasco, the Lakers should be happy to get a young star and some other pieces to help them before Kobe takes desperate action.

But the Bulls would be sacrificing so much for a ball hog who doesn't mesh with their selfless ideology and the method of Scott Skiles. Think about it though. Kobe is about three years older than Gordon. Three inches taller, three championship rings better and he's KOBE for God's sake. Besides, Gordon frankly doesnt mesh either, and Kobe is much better defensively than Gordon, and with Kobe drawing double teams, just THINK about how ridiculous Luol Deng's numbers would become. Besides, if Chicago could keep their draft pick and maybe get Kobe to renegotiate a manageable salary (that would baloon after a trade because of Kobe's weird trade clause) they could make some moves, draft a key piece and/or sign a quality free agent. Besides, they'd have KOBE. Forget LeBron, forget Wade, forget the Pistons, forget 50 games. We're talking AT LEAST 60 games and a team that could be dominant for at least four or five years.

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