Monday, June 18, 2007

Is Arnold Right?

I read a story today that bashed Arnold for saying something along the lines of, "immigrants should stop watching Hispanic television and watch English-Language television, because that's how he learned English when he came from Germany." To provide some further context Arnold preempts his statement by saying, approximately "I know some might think this isn't politically correct, but I'm trying to help."

What have things come to that people can't even speak from their own experience AND say things they know could get them into trouble, but say them because they think it could be beneficial. Arnold KNOWS some might be offended and essentially says, I don't mean to be offensive, but this is what helped me.

For instance, at the second Democratic Debate they asked all the presidential hopefuls which one of them would make English the National Language. One guy was brave enough to say he'd do it. Before people jumped all over him he said that he would do it, because in America, people speak English. Whether or not you speak it at home, you're going to speak it most of the time in school, work, everywhere else. Sure, that might not be politically correct, but its TRUE.

Besides, I'm tired of political correctness.

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