Thursday, June 7, 2007

Connery Hurt

A story today mentioned the hot news that Sean Connery will NOT be in Indiana Jones 4. This is REALLY disappointing. Connery's Dr. Jones was one of my favorite characters ever. He was great in the Last Crusade - giving depth and humor to a balanced movie - somewhere between the shit of Temple and the original. I thought it was a perfect mix. One I wanted repeated in the fourth episode that has been so long in the making.

What makes this worse (besides the fact that Connery won't be able to balance out the annoyance and stupidity of Shia) is that he is being REPLACED. Yes replaced, by John Hurt. He doesnt seem like he will have anywhere near the character or humor that Connery had.

All that being said, I'm still struggling to cope with the fact that Connery is "retired." But I guess I'll just have to deal.

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