Thursday, June 14, 2007

Jessica Alba on Sportscenter?

I got a nice suprise this morning when I turned on Sportscenter while I got my bearings and woke up. There on the running Sportscenter headlines was Jessica Alba! Instead of rushing to get up and get to work, I lazily waited for Alba's turn to come on the moving headlines. They even managed to advertise Alba's upcoming turn on the Hot Seat a few times before add breaks.

Finally she was on and they asked her some pretty powerful, journalism type questions. Like, who is the bigger basketball fan, you or Eva Longoria? Alba thought about it for awhile and said Eva was just marrying into it, while Alba was really diehard. Then again, Eva does more for her team - her Spurs are on the brink of their fourth title while Alba's Warriors watch at home. The other question was about Nascar *yawns* and it was kind of lame.

Honestly though, besides the fact that Alba is extremely hot and that her name on the headlines list was able to keep me watching the show, sitting through ESPN's ads, why was she on the show? Does ABC (ESPN's parent company) own Marvel or the studio that is releasing Fantastic 4 Rise of the Silver Surfer? It seemed like if they were going to have a hot woman on the hot seat they could have at least gotten Michelle Wie to answer some tough questions for them. Especially after PTI called Wie a bigger baby than Paris Hilton. At least give her the chance to hit back!

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