Thursday, June 21, 2007


The Goonies - Richard Donner - 1985 - 3/10


A bunch of kids led by Sean Astin's Mikey discover an old treasure map in their father's museum things kept hidden away in the attic. After tieing up Astin's older brother who attempts to dissuade the kids from going searching for burried treasure, the kids embark on a bike ride to the coastline where they hope to pick up the trail of the treasure map. Along the way they pick up two of their brother's friends, one who wants to be more than friends with him....To make things a little more interesting, the kids run into a recently escaped convict and his family, intent on carrying out more criminal acts. Will they find the lost treasure of One Eyed Willy?


This movie was an extreme let down. With the direction of Mr. Lethal Weapon, Richard Donner, the story from Indiana Jones' Steven Spielberg, and the screenplay from Chris Columbus, the director of Home Alone, I expected a hell of a lot more. Instead the movie surrenders itself early to an overruse of childish distractions like gadgets and cheap Rube-Goldberg antics. Sean Astin delivers a strong performance that can't quite pull the movie out of the quagmire it sank itself into. As a short side note, the fat kid was annoying as hell and way way way too stupid, even for a kid. The villains seem to be overracting and way too ridiculous. The one brother the family shuns is an unbelieavable characiture, even for a kids movie. While the mother is a mildly amusing, frightening villain, the main villain overdoes the Italian bit and the brother is too stupid and underdeveloped to have much of an impact. Besides that, the movie follows an overly predictable course, with most of the jokes' punchlines being evident the second they were uttered.


If like me you didnt see this movie when you were a little kid, DON'T see it now.

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