Monday, June 18, 2007

Why Did Nancy Drew Flop?

A new movie opened this last weekend, that not a lot of people knew about - Nancy Drew. To me, the movie seemed like the perfect Disney audience movie. Finally, here comes a girl that espouses all the chiched girl-isms of the Disney characters. She has the perfection, the looks, the attitude, the new girl feel. The only difference is her story doesn't revolve around her makeover, or winning the boy of her dreams, or coping with her parents' divorce or matchmaking her parents, or any of that old jazz. Instead, the movie is a mystery - with an intelligent female protagonist who has to solve a crime. And it isnt one of the lame Mary-Kate and Ashley crimes (at least I don't think so).

Why did the movie flop? The little kids didn't go to see the animated film (that one flopped too), and I guess they could have gone to see the Silver Surfer, but come on, why didn't the Disney kids flock to this one? It's even got Julia Roberts' niece in there to rubber-stamp the movie for the kids parents' who should have no qualms to fork over the money.

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