Friday, June 22, 2007

Too much roadkill

I've been doing a lot more driving lately and I have seen a lot of roadkill. Too much roadkill.

Honestly. Have animals gotten dummer? Has their intelligence regressed? Have their adaptations to life among humans been somehow weeded out? Are we driving faster so they can't get out of the way? What's the deal.

Frankly I don't care, I just do not want to have to steer my car around a dead animal everytime I get on the road.

Another thing that bothers me about the roadkill I have been seeing is that some of them are squashed birds. Seriously, come on. If you're a bird, and there's a car coming FLY AWAY. You have wings, use them. You should never be at a loss for getting out of the way. You should never have to WALK across a busy road. In fact, you should always be able to fly well above the road. Birds are actually the only animals I don't break for either. Because if they can't get out of my way, I'm only helping their species evolve.


Steve Mancuso said...

I hit a squirrel yesterday, and it seemed to be paralyzed - like a squirrel in headlights if you will.

Tony Kornheiser has a theory that the animals are organizing a revolution against humans. So it's possible the increase in road kill is related to that. On the other hand, it may prove the animals are basically going to fail in their overthrow attempt since they really have no answer for automobiles.

aimi said...

not everyone can be as smart as you. why do you hate animals so much?

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