Monday, June 4, 2007

REVIEW: Entourage, Season 3

Entourage, Season 3 – Doug Ellin – 8/10

Season Three opens just as Season Two did – with Vince’s new movie, “Aquaman” about to premier. While the kickoff of “Aquaman” isn’t exactly “smooth,” the show quickly moves in another direction. With Ari’s agency woes continuing, E and Vince try to sell Ari on “Medellin” a Pablo Escobar story E and Vince are in love with. While not thrilled, Ari does get some things rolling for them but he tries to keep “Aquaman 2” in the running. “Medellin” is so important because it sets the tone for the whole series as it is the root of almost every conflict that arises in regard to Vince’s career. E’s relationship with Sloan continues to move forward (albeit very very very slowly) and he runs into an ex fan, Seth Green who’s two episode performance is pretty funny. Along the way, three new characters come into play as an old friend joins the fold, Vince falls for a woman he meets at work, and Turtle falls for a new girl (as usual)....

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