Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Waiting for a sequel

Word is out that a new Waiting movie might be coming out.

Frankly, I'm pretty psyched. That sounds awesome.

Waiting was a movie that I watched, thinking it was going to suck. And then it turned out to be a really big suprise. I'm hoping it can keep that up for the sequel.

The first one had it all - original, fast moving story with solid young actors (Ryan Rennolds, Anna Farris, Justin Long, Dane Cook) and it had plenty of hot girls, like Jordan Ladd.

Come to think of it, the movie totally made me like Rennolds again after I thought he sucked in Blade: Trinity (I actually watched the movie again, and thought he was okay). And, it made me kind of like Justin Long, even though he plays the same exact character in EVERY movie. And I've decided Anna Farris is awesome - do you remember she was in Lost in Translation? She was, and she's really funny, and I can't wait to see her in this movie.

Let's just hope the movie happens.

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