Saturday, June 2, 2007

Robots...rusted over

Robots - Chris Wedge - 2005 - 3/10


A young robot voiced by Ewan McGregor goes to the big city to get a job working for his hero, Bigweld (Mel Brooks). But when he gets to Bigweld's factory he finds out that Bigweld has retired and the company is now in the hands of a robot only interested in making money. The rest of the cast is largely insignificant because their voice casting is somewhat questionable and they really have little impact on the story. Most of the movie is taken up by weird antics in which Ewan McGregor's Robot gets beaten up, tossed around the city, and have all of his attempts to get to Bigweld thwarted. Although there really arent many of these instances, and the movie seems to be all fluff.


Again, I guess I began my critique above by talking about how ridiculous the movie was. Like I mentioned in the summary above, NOTHING really happens. I do not understand why people like this movie so much. Even for a kids movie this movie is nearly unbearable. Voices seem out of place, the story seems contrived at best...Are we really to believe that Bigweld just "quit" on a whim - this major plot point just elucidates the emptiness of nearly every device the movie employs. Then you chalk up the thinly veiled theft of famous scenes from classic movies that little kids havent even seen (like "Singing in the Rain") which sometimes work, but fall flat here. Characters are half developed and almost every action and line sparks "why why why" in my head. And to that I say no no no.


Try to avoid this one

If you liked this movie, watch...
...Meet the Robinsons
...Toy Story 2

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