Thursday, June 14, 2007

Captain America leads war on terror?

A story today confirms Marvel is going to go ahead with a Captain America movie. The article discussed the posibility that Captain America, a storyline that almost exclusively took place in the WWII era might get a facelift and be updated for modern times.

I think it would be nice if the franchise sacked up, and decided to set themselves apart from other comic-book storylines and keep their hero in the past. It would be refreshing to me to see a hero fighting back then. Hey, The Phantom producers rightfully chose to keep the man in purple in the past and the finished product was one of my favorite comic flicks. Think about how good King Kong looked in the first fifteen minutes - yeah, that would have been a pretty solid movie if Peter Jackson could edit movies.

When it comes down to it, I think the Super-Soldier-Serum belongs in the WWII era when scientists were trying to create super soldiers and harness unnatural weapons, a la Raiders of the Lost Ark. Frankly, when I think about the SS Serum I think more of Black Cat, the Spiderman character who took the animated show to the next level.

And again, my knowledge of Captain America is limited at best, but I do know that he is a complete badass in Marvel Ultimate Alliance, so it seems only logical that if he's hella cool in the videogame, he'll be even more awesome on the big screen.

Who should play Captain America? Some names to throw out there: Jason Lewis; Mathew McConaughey - I thought he was solid in the underrated Sahara, and he could be a pretty solid action guy who isn't attached to any other comic franchise; Paul Walker - showed some acting chops and the endurance for a fast paced movie in Running Scared, which was another great underrated movie; and Josh Lucas - who showed me just enough in Poseidon for me to want more.

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