Monday, June 4, 2007

Movies to videogames to movies

For awhile, I was totally down with people making movies with built in audiences, tv shows, comics, even video games. But now with the over saturation of the market with way way way too many comic book movies, I've decided to pick on the video game movies. Why not the comic movies? Because every once in awhile, there is a good comic book movie, while the video game ones are few and far between.

While the "Resident Evil" movies were mildly entertaining, they were largely the same and to say the least, unimaginative. Which is part of the problem altogether - Hollywood is running out of ideas. But please please, look for ideas beyond videogames. Some of these movies, like "Silent Hill," "BloodRayne," "Mortal Kombat," "Street Fighter," to name both new and old examples, essentially REQUIRE you to have played them to know what's going on. Or they just suck at character development/explanation. One of those two.

On the other side of the problem is the oversaturation of the videogame market with movie inspired videogames. Sure, the studios need to make their buck whenever and however they can because ticket sales are dropping, but come on, there are just way too many movie-video games. It's almost impossible to peruse through imdb without stumbling upon all of the "VG"'s as they're listed of your favorite movies. It made sense to make videogames out of James Bond movies because that was when the first person shooter genre needed some life, and Goldeneye was THE game then. But now, there are plenty of other games that do a decent enough job telling their story without needing a movie to streamline them.

In the end, both industries seem to slowly be sucking the other dry, turning fans on both sides against the other. Overproducion has killed the golden goose for both. Sometimes, you just have to sack up, and carve out your own story.

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