Sunday, June 17, 2007

Paging Jimmy Fallon

My question is, where in the world is Jimmy Fallon? I thought he was going to start to dominate the romatic comedy market because he's a good guy, nice, not terrible looking, and he's pretty funny. The guy has the added bonus of capturing some cross-over viewers who liked his stuff on SNL. Furthermore, I thought Fever Pitch was pretty good - an original story that had its fair share of old cliches with also some pretty good new ones. And I thought that Fallon would start to cash in on the fact that Adam Sandler was aging, and moving toward more serious fare.

But what did Fallon follow Fever Pitch up with? I wouldn't know. He has two movies that are supposed to come out pretty soon, but they haven't yet and seems like forever since I've laughed at a Jimmy Fallon joke. Instead I've had to weather the likes of Shia LeBeuf and Justin Long, hapless pretenders trying to be more than they are - two-bit supporting actors good for a laugh or two. So, will the real Jimmy Fallon please stand up?

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