Sunday, June 17, 2007

Knocked Up...a real knock out

Knocked Up - Judd Apatow - 2006 - 10/10


Alison Scott (Katherine Heigl), a producer/director for E! gets a big promotion when her reluctant superiors decide to put her in front of the camera. To celebrate, she and her sister Debbie (Leslie Mann) go out clubbing and after a lot of liquor, she meets Ben Stone (Seth Rogen) and they both have a pretty good time together. Too good of a time as in their drunken rush to consummate their new friendship, Ben doesn't put on a condom. The movie then takes some time to show the mildly tragically funny marriage of Debbie and Pete (Paul Rudd) and also Ben and his lazy friends who are "working" to create a website that tells you how far into a movie you see nudity, and which of the various kinds, it is. Alison later realizes she is pregnant, and the only possible father is Ben. Honestly, it's pretty hard to explain more of the movie without ruining a bunch of jokes. You know Rogen knocks up Heigl because of the title, but he movie does do a pretty good job of also showing Debbie and Pete's relationship.


This movie is really really good. One of the best comedies I have seen in awhile. The movie definitely goes to another level, moving beyond the traditional frat pack comedies we have seen from the likes of Ferrell and Wilson and gives way to something new. Beyond being a hysterical comedy, the movie also tackles real emotions everyone can relate to and its not just a good comedy, but a good movie. There is drama and laughter, well developed characters and funny characters...All in all, very good. Apatow keeps taking his game up another level, doing DIFFERENT things instead of just new twists. Instead of falling into the romantic-comedy genre, Apatow conquers it. The result is a movie that couldn't really be described as a chic-flick, but it has more than just guy humor - a movie both boys and girls can enjoy.


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