Sunday, June 3, 2007

Go for the head

I'll issue a warning that this post might be a tad sadistic. But it was something I was thinking about lately (perhaps I'm sadistic then?) So here goes.

Why don't people always shoot for the head? Like, its a lot easier. Well maybe not easier, because it is a slightly harder target (being smaller than the chest), but it is a definite kill (unless you're that lame ass guy from "The World is Not Enough.")

Just think how many problems are created when the guy doesnt shoot the guy in the head. The whole movie "The Assassins" happens because Sly couldn't shake bad habits and shoot the guy in the head. Hell, maybe Hartigan could have gotten into Nancy a few times if he'd plugged the Yellow Bastard in the head the first or even the second time. Even Clint knows that he can get away with a stove top because the guy isnt gonna go for his head. And then Marty copies him!

Those are just a few examples from movies I like, but this is a much larger theme. Frankly what if the guy is wearing a bullet proof vest? Or they happen to have a bible over their heart (this happens more than you would think).

I know I know, that bad guys can't always die the first time because they always need to survive the first encounter so there's a whole movie instead of a twenty minute short, but come on, when you've got the shot, take it.

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