Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Trent Green - greener pastures?

Trent Green was finally shipped off to Miami for a fifth round pick (possibly a fourth round pick). It doesnt seem very exciting on both ends of the trade.

Sure, on the Miami end they finally get a quarterback, and they have new ammunition against the critics who (rightfully) say the Dolphins should have drafted Brady Quinn. But really, they get a QB who had a mediocre last year AND a serious injury. Green is a QB who became expendable when a journeyman QB and a mediocre prospect of a deep passer began to come into play. And what do the Dolphins get? A year? Two? I would be suprised if he lasts eight games. Then what do the Dolphins' fans have to be excited about? The return of Daunte Culpepper who has played more like Aaron Brooks than Randall Cunningham? Hell, Joey Harrington looks pretty good right now. At least Daunte will have Ted Ginn Jr. to pass too (I'm being sarcastic).

And on the KC side, they get to unload a big contract of a QB past his prime and what they have to look foward to is a rocky start behind center. Despite Huard's seasons and his solid start, can he take them past the first round of the playoffs? Can Mr. Bowlign Green? It's unclear at best. It would have seemed to make sense to let Huard go and renegotiate Green's salary so he could play a few more years while Croyle learns under him. At least whoever is behind center can pass to Dwayne Bowe, the Chief's first round draft pick and the player most predict will have some serious personality issues.

In the end, the Chiefs snuck into the playoffs on a miracle last year - something they probably won't be able to do again this year as the Broncos will continue to improve. The Dolphins stand ZERO chance of getting past the now terrifying-looking Pats. Either way, this trade won't make a big difference.

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