Sunday, June 3, 2007

Movies movies movies

Here are the movies I’m psyched about for the summer. I took a few chances here and I also didn’t cover movies that have already come out (Spiderman, Pirates, Knocked Up).

the simpsons movie, july 27
Yellow people! America’s First Family hits the big screen. Unfortunately, because of the nature of the previews, we still have little idea of what is going to go down in this movie. Nevertheless, I’m still excited because, it IS the Simpsons.
Positive: The family we love
Negative: Does this mark the beginning of the end?

brothers solomon, august 31
Will Arnett in a leading role, enough said! I’ve thought this guy was hysterical since “Arrested Development,” and now he gets his own movie. I hope he can carry his own, and the premise – incompetent brothers race to find “mates” so they can give their father grandchildren – is childish and reminiscent of “The Bachelor” (the movie), but I think Arnett can pull this one out.
Positive: Will Arnett!
Negative: Risky…

rescue dawn, august 31
Batman plays John McCain in a gritty portrait of war. Bale is a pilot, captured in Laos and held by the Vietcong. He leads an escape and he and many other POWS do their best to get the hell out of Dodge. Hopefully the movie spends more time with the cool, “Apocalypto” type running-action instead of the torture the beginning will likely entail.
Positive: Christian Bale
Negative: Not enough info on the flick

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Segway said...

Check out the Will Arnett Research Project at

We're also really looking forward to the Brothers Solomon!

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