Saturday, June 9, 2007

Cleveland v Chicago

I know I'm biased, because I'm from Chicago, but who are we kidding, Cleveland sucks. Their sports teams make every other city's look like All-Star teams. They have been so inept in nearly a whole half century that they have won one championship since 1964. Since then, the Chicago Bulls have six championships, the Chicago Bears have one championship, the Chicago White Sox have one championship, the Chicago Wolves have three championships, the Chicago Fire have five championships, and the Chicago Rush have one championships. That covers Basketball, Football, Baseball, Hockey, Soccer, and Arena Football. That pretty much covers the spectrum.

Sure, Chicago sports teams have their curses and have their own droughts to deal with (the Cubs), but at the same time, at least the other teams have provided fans a crutch to hold onto. Cleveland, on the other hand, has no crutch to lean on. Hopefully the Cavs can end that drought, although I strongly doubt it.

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