Monday, June 4, 2007


I was watching sportscenter this morning, as I usually do when I wake up and eat my breakfast, and they were doing their weekly rundown of big sports stories. When they got to LeBron James' huge game five against the Pistons they uttered the phrase, "that's Jordanesque." And that got me thinking that I like that phrase and I want that phrase to stay, that phrase, forever.

As much as I like Kobe - and I like Kobe, I never want them to say "That Kobe-esque." Because MJ is the greatest player to lace up his shoes. Sure, he started three years after Kobe because people went to college back then, and sure MJ was foolish to try to play baseball, and sure he was too stubborn and retired early (again). But what he did on the court, is unquestionably the greatest of all time. Hell, even Kobe's personal antics now probably rival all of MJ's marital problems, gambling issues, and early retirement fiascos.

Michael played at a time when the East was THE conference - there were the Bulls, the Cavs, the Knicks, the Pistons, the Heat (sometimes) and the Pacer, and a few other upstarts along the way. It wasnt like now, when the West is far and away the best. Players like LeBron and D-Wade don't have to playe conference games against "real" teams, for the most part. While you really can't question those guys are great players, they cant begin to accomplish what the great one did. LeBron's game should be remembered as "Jordanesque," not "LeBronesque."

What I mean to say in my own, unique rambling way, is that MJ is and should always be, the benchmark. Until someone else has six rings on their hands, no one should question that everyone else are just trying to be, "Jordanesque"

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