Friday, June 1, 2007

Does fundamentalism foster homosexuality?

For some reason, fundamentalism has been on my mind recently, after the passing of the Reverend Jerry Falwell. And I was also recently having a conversation about the societal assumption, and near obsession with dividing the sexes - summer camp, dormitories, etcetera. This division continues, and quite reasonably becomes more vigilant, as we grow older.

Now, in certain institutions and among people with certain beliefs, this ritual gender division is more rigidly adhered too. Fundamentalism is a perfect case in point - sitting seperately in church or requiring chaperones in mixed-gender company.

A perfect example is Falwell's Liberty university where males cannot be in female dorms for any reason. Cutting through all the BS - the reason is obviously to prevent the kids from having sex. Now, even in a place like Liberty where they try to fanatically stamp out homosexuality, they assume that children will only desire heterosexual sex. So there is essentially a type of sex that these systemic gender rules will not prevent.

Furthermore, it seems to me that such radically fundamentalist type rules foster same sex relationships. Think about it - tensions are getting high, kids are maturing and forming opinions, their sex drive is running into a brick wall, they want release - and the only avenues for them to pursue or those in their own dorm.

Just think about it.

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