Friday, June 1, 2007

Kobe - flip flopping

After making some pretty strong demands and using some pretty strong language - the best player on the court has taken back his demands. Or at least, Kobe tried to take a step back.

He backtracked after a talk with Phil Jackson. And then the Lakers management said they would make a move. What do they have though? It seems like most of their projects have either failed (Smush Parker), are failing (Kwame Brown), or are ones that the Lakers value too highly to abandon (Andrew Bynum). While some projects have kind of worked (Luke Walton) and some are doing pretty well (Lamar Odom), having two pieces to work with, or to push a deal over the top, that's not a lot to work with. Who are they going to sign that is a high impact player? What Kobe needs is a legitimate scoring foward and a point guard that can do more than play defense.

Maybe Kobe just woke up and realized the two years left on his contract and his costly no trade clause combined with the fact that it is impossible to truly get value for the best player in the game.

Either way, Kobe's image has completely collapsed - he looks like the prima donna superstar (that he probably is), which saddens me, because he's probably my favorite player to watch.

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