Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Diablo on the big screen?

A story today on Joblo mentioned that a Diablo movie is in the works. That sounds pretty cool to me. Diablo II was the only RPG I could ever really play because it was pretty easy and fun to play. As a movie, it could be really cool. What immediately comes to mind are movies like BloodRayne and Resident Evil, video-game to movie stories that feature groups of characters who battle evil. Those movies go from awful to decent and I hope Diablo is pretty good. With some inspired casting (as in not The Rock as the warrior) the movie could be pretty solid. Think Val Kilmer's Willow but with better special effects and a little darker. If the movie shot for a PG13 rating - a hard PG13 with some action and some blood, it could be good AND capture some of its younger fans. The real question is, is Uwe Bol going to direct?

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